Visio stencil for data import

Gennady Tumanov (Visio developer)
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The stencil contains the Shape-Importer and a few macros and is used for the automatically creating of diagrams based on the data.

Creation of the diagram is reduced to copying the contents of the Clipboard into a shape and execution the Draw command. The stencil automatically makes all the rest operations.

The Shape contains some of the most common charting algorithm. All operations are as simple as possible. Creation of the chart requires only several clicks.

Naturally, this approach does not close all the data import requirements. But let us hope that it will be among the familiar and commonly used tools.

More information you can get in this article.

There are two versions of the stencil: paid and free.

The code of the free version is closed and it occasionally displays a reminder of the possibility of buying the paid version. In other respects the two versions are identical. That is, you can download the free version, make sure that it suits you and then buy the paid version.

Open source allows you to ensure that existing macros are safety and allow you to create your own modifications to perform different or additional tasks.

If you need a slightly different functionality and want to change the stencil, email me -

Last changes:

01/06/2020 added the ability to import data from a text file and an Excel file. More details.

This product is not currently for sale.

Visio stencil for data import

0 ratings